In developed countries, cardiovascular disease is a serious health threat and leading cause of disability and death. As the incidence of cardiovascular disease grows, the volume of diagnostic and monitoring tests multiplies, creating a compelling demand for equipment that facilitates fast and reliable, yet simple and cost effective diagnostics.

Non-invasive detection of abnormal patterns in heart signals is an important tool for diagnosis of cardiac abnormalities.

GMedicas Breakthrough

The novel GMedica technology combines sophisticated, proprietary signal processing and pattern detection algorithms in a device that improves the sensitivity and specificity of cardiovascular diagnostic and monitoring systems.

GMedicas heart signal pattern detection surpasses the sensitivity of the most commonly used tools presently available for ECG analysis.

GMedica integrates an optical hardware device with software algorithms for heart signal pattern detection and processing. Using light response for heart signal pattern detection and comparison, GMedicas software extracts suspicious patterns in cardiovascular signals, enhancing the health practitioners ability to make more accurate diagnoses.


This non-invasive technology can be used in diagnostics, for monitoring, and in implantable devices to greatly reduce the disability, complications, and mortality related to heart


* Non-invasive

* Simple to operate

* Reliable performance

* Improved sensitivity and specificity for ECG analysis

* Extremely cost-effective, reduced need for additional expensive tests