The global electrophysiology market is estimated at $850 million annually and is projected to grow by over 17% yearly to nearly $3 billion by 2012. The bulk of this market comprises diagnostic tools currently amounting to $740 million.

--Merrill Lynch

The increasing volume of diagnostic cardiovascular monitoring in hospitals, clinics, and at home presents new growth opportunities for manufacturers. GARD will license its GMedica project technology to medical or physiological diagnostic and monitoring equipment manufacturers or their major suppliers.

Product implementation includes integrating the GMedica technology within existing implantable cardiac devices, patient monitoring products, and
health care systems

GARD is pursuing strategic collaboration with leading manufacturers in

* Cardiac monitoring in surgery, at the clinic, or in the home

* Cardiac diagnostics such as stress and other tests

* Implantable devices such as pacemakers

For its GMedica project, GARD is targeting the $5 billion spent annually on non-invasive cardiac monitoring and the $7 billion spent annually in the implantable device market.