GARD Medica

GARD-Medica utilizes the GARD teams experience in signal processing and algorithm development to help physicians more easily analyze ECG results. The patent-pending software and hardware is used for early detection of heart diseases symptoms.

Mono Voice

Mono Voice is GARDs voice-processing operation. The Mono Voice team has developed a patent-pending method of voice compression that enables substantial cost savings by eliminating the requirements for certain recording components.

The basic product performs voice and data recording using unique coding, compression, and decoding algorithms. It consumes less power than conventional recording, uses less memory, permits longer recording time and is cost effective.

Mono Voice has a number of commercial applications including smart labels, packages, and back-up recordings.

GARD Consulting

GARD help new start up companies to grow.

At GARD we have vast experience of developing from idea to the successful product.

We can help in R&D, rising money from government and privet sources, find partners abroad and product marketing.