Mono Voice


Mono Voice is GARD's voice-processing operation. The Mono Voice team has developed a patent-pending method of voice compression that enables substantial cost savings by eliminating the requirements for certain recording components.

The basic product performs voice and data recording using unique coding, compression, and decoding algorithms. It consumes less power than conventional recording, uses less memory, permits longer recording time, and is cost effective



Monovoice’s unique technology eliminates the need for the 3 major components: ADC, DAC, DSP, and replaces it with just a single component – capable of doing the same encoding decoding process with an improved compression ability, more data can be stored to same memory and hence longer recording time (up to two hours human voice). The elimination of these components makes the integrated chip cheaper, simpler for manufacturing, smaller, and reduces its power consumption



To be a leading technology provider for personalized voice enabled applications



The technology can be implemented in either hardware or software product configurations, making it suitable for equipment, such as answering machines, call centers and tape recorders, toys and gifts, smart labels and packages.

The technology can be used in different markets such as consumer, homeland security, educational etc