We are always looking for individuals with ability to learn and solve complex problems.

1. Senior executive with successful fund rising experience
Experienced in leading business development in start up environment.
Experienced in rising funds from government, EU R&D and other sources.

(Advantage: experience in Iscar, Elcint, Elbit, Rafael, IAI....
Advantage: former CEO in the Medical devices area).

2. Experienced analog design engineer
Multi-source audio signal conditioning, preamplifiers, filters design for
noisily environment. A/D conversion, crosstalk and noise reduction, robotics, non linear control
feedback design...
(Advantage: experienced in signal analysis methods, signal generators, non
linear systems...)

3. Experts in statistical detection, classification methods and algorithms

4. Software engineer
Experienced in Real time, C, Kernels, Operating system development, "Parallel computing" and databases.
(Advantage: expert in real time classification methods and algorithms)

Start up initiatives leaders
Agreements, patents, summary and BP, presentation to potential investors,
project pushing and management.
(Advantage: Experienced in product development; "from idea to product"...)


If you are interested please send your CV to

Thank you!