About Gard

Our Mission

GARD develops reliable, simple to operate, non-invasive diagnostic and monitoring technology based on unique signal processing solutions that help to reduce mortality caused by diseases.

Global Advice Research and Development (GARD) is a start-up company that develops next-generation, modules and systems for a number of different markets and applications.

* Medical, telecom, industrial applications

* Unique design methods

* Experienced team with advanced degrees

Through its services and activities, GARD helps its customers and partners realize their technology objectives sooner.

GARDs Services and Activities

* Consulting for Start up entrepreneurs

* joint development

* Voice processing

* Custom design and turnkey solutions

* Asic/FPGA design

GARD develops and operates projects in three main areas: voice and data processing, Consulting  and heart signal processing. GMedica is GARDs project to develop  improved heart diagnosis aid solutions.

The company was founded in 2004 by a Team Team of engineers with experience in high tech. The Company gets support from Tnufa fund.

GARD welcomes the possibility of developing projects and commercializing products in a cooperative business arrangement (partnership, joint venture) with interested partners.